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A product of nature –„SICHER Char Caviar pure


Sicher Kaviar Geschenkskugel


Char caviar is harvested from the end of October until the beginning of December, whereby the considerate and species-appropriate keeping of the fish is a highly important concern of ours. Our fish are not harmed in any way during the harvesting process, and the roe is only harvested at the peak maturity level.


You are therefore presented with a product from happy fish, whereby the quality of the product is emphasised only by a mild seasoning with top quality salt. This allows our char caviar to keep for up to 6 months, when kept at a constant temperature (+3 to -3 degrees celsius). We sell and ship the caviar directly from our restaurant and offer the following products:


130 g SICHER Char Caviar (á € 42,00)

130 g SICHER Char Caviar – Gift packaging  (á € 47,00)

200 g SICHER Char Caviar (á € 63,00)

250 g SICHER Char Caviar (á € 75,00)


For inquiries related related to our caviar, please contact us via telephone or using the form here.

Minimum order quantity 2 glases Char Caviar.



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I am interested in:

pcs. Kaviar 130g
pcs. Kaviar 130 g in Geschenkskugel
pcs. Kaviar 200 g
pcs. Kaviar 250 g

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We would like to warmly welcome you to our gourmet restaurant. Our family business philosophy is to solely use products from our own farming (Sicher fish, Sicher caviar, our own herb-, vegetable- and salad-garden), and from the farmer-owned businesses of the region.



MICHAEL  SICHER, the head chef

With the changing seasons, I am always delighted to assemble a new creation for our guests in the form of our 5 course seasonal menu.





Smoked char  /watercress / buttermilk / Caviar   26


Tainacher Crawfish /  Chervill / Jerusalem artichokes / Mustard  26


Spring ravioli / 3times caviar / Asparagus   26


Arctic char / Venere Risotto / Morel / Puntarelle    32


Lavanttaler Duck /  White polenta / Aronia /beans variation  34


snowball  /malt /rhubarb   14

Cheese Plate

6-Course Menu € 125.- per Person

with wine accompaniment additional € 59.- ( one glass of wine per course )


4-Course Menü € 85,- per Person

with wine accompaniment additional € 39.- ( one glass of wine per course )








cauliflower panna cotta / carrot / asmonte / coriander  19



Spring ravioli / asparagus / tamari caviar   19



White Polenta / Vap Ca / Puntarelle / Beans variation   25



Mozzarella /Cornel cherry /vanilla  / Maiwipfel  15



fine cheese plate


4- Course menu €69,00 per person

with accompanying wines € 39,00( per Course a glass of wine )


WOLFGANG  SICHER, the sommelier

The wine menu has always been carefully selected for many years. You have the choice between the best Austrian wines, as well as international wines. For the 5. course menu I recommend an individual wine accompaniment, as each guest has their own taste when it comes to wine.




Fish restaurant Sicher LP

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E:  office [at] sicherrestaurant [.] at

Opening hours

April – Dezember:
Mi-Sa, 11:30 – 14:00 Uhr und 18:00 – 21:30 Uhr.


Weitere Öffnungszeiten: Feiertage geöffnet, Juli und August auch am Dienstag.
Oktober 3 Wochen Betriebsurlaub


Familie Sicher & Mitarbeiter

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