Char belong to the salmonid family, and have slender, long bodies with flat heads. The body shape is very comparable to that of trout, however, the mouth is wider and the tail fin is significantly indented. Char require a habitat with very high water quality, and therefore inhabit oxygen-rich lakes or rivers – which is why they are only rarely kept in pond-farming systems.

Originally, char were to be found in the USA, and were only introduced to Europe in 1884, when they were put in suitable lakes and rivers. Char is highly desirable in cooking, as it has delicate yet flavourful flesh. It is most often prepared similar to trout, larger fish are prepared similar salmon trout or lake trout.


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Genussland Österreich, Beitrag Sicher: “Der Saibling und sein Kaviar”


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Genussland Österreich (2007), Gerd Wolfgang Sievers, Leopold Stocker Verlag, ISBN 978-3-7020-1166-6



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