If you are to discuss four dishes for a book publication with Michael Sicher, you may want to have a food-encyclopaedia on hand, or at least be ready to ask Google – unless you wish to come across as a gastronomical layman! We at least wanted to convince the Carinthian Michael that we are capable of pronouncing the often impressive names of his gastronomical creations! Therefore, it is nice to know that he, both as a chef and as a fish farmer, also enjoys working with less exquisite ingredients.


“I don’t need lobster, foie gras or scallops. I aim to bring the local products to the foreground in order to show how they can be just as impressive as other more exquisite ingredients. ”

Michael Sicher


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Michael Sicher Kochimpulse


The book (German):

Kochimpulse (2010), Hannes Finkbeiner, Matthaes Verlag GmbH, ISBN 978-3-87515-040-7


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